A Home Made Ferret Cage

I made my own ferret cage. It’s made out of Grid Wire Modular Cubes, as
seen here. We keep two ferrets in it, and it seems comfy enough for them that they usually return to it by themselves when they get tired.
This is what it looks like. Excuse the mess…
Click Here for a bigger view.

It’s held together with zip ties for strength. Zip ties are also used for hinges. Doors are kept shut with bolt snaps.
The cage itself is around 5 feet tall, by around 6 feet long, and 14 inches wide. It doesn’t take up so much room by being only 14 inches wide, and the ferrets seem to really like it. There is scrap linoleum under the cage, and used on floors inside the cage.

Plastic tubs make up the ‘bathrooms’, you need to hold them down with wire hooks, or the ferrets will spill them. Other scrap pieces of wire and wood are used for climbing aids. There is also some plastic tubing I found at the hardware store for them to crawl through. They also have a plastic tub filled with packing peanuts to dig in. My wife found a little tent for them. They didn’t seem interested in it until I put it inside the cage, now they really like it. The hanging tube they never use.

WARNING! This isn’t a cage well suited to baby ferrets! Be sure and watch any ferret you put into a cage like this to make sure they don’t get their head stuck on one of the squares. And they usually test out many of them just to make sure they are all the same size…

The point of this is, you can make your own ferret cage if you have a clue as to what you’re doing, and you are responsible enough to make sure it is safe for the ferrets.

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