Litter Training

When it comes to training a ferret to do almost anything, you need to understand one thing: Ferrets need positive training. They just don’t get most negative training. If your ferret doesn’t already come potty trained, encouragement is the way to go. So, in other words, DO NOT RUB THEIR NOSES in anything.

Start by placing the results of one of their ‘accidents’ in the litter pan. This gets them used to the idea. If you see them backing into a corner (a telltale sign), and you’re quick, you can pick them up and put them in the litter pan. If you catch them using the litter pan, reward them with a treat. Change it often when they do start to use it, or they will find somewhere else.

A word of warning… The litter pan need to be securely held in place, or it will get over turned.

Also, get a good quality litter. Do not:
Get a clay based litter. It plays havoc with their respiratory systems, and causes other problems.

Get a ‘clumping’ litter. This stuff can kill your ferret.

Use wood chips from pine or cedar for litter. The aroma isn’t good for the ferret. Neither are splinters in their digestive track.

You can use wood pellets (if the aroma has been removed), or a 2:1 mixture of wood pellets/rabbit pellets. We bite the bullet and use something called ‘Yesterdays News’. that is a cat litter made from recycled paper.

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