Fun Ferret Facts

The word ‘Ferret’ orginally came from a word meaning ‘thief’. Take that to heart next time you are looking for your car keys, and your ferret is innocently looking at you!

Ferrets are related to weasels, wolverines(!), minks, badgers, and polecats.

Baby ferrets are called ‘Kits’, females are ‘Jills’, and males are ‘Hobs’.

Ferrets love to sleep, up to 18 hours per day. Make sure there is somewhere they can get total darkness to sleep, there is growing evedence that this gives them less health problems.

Most ferrets sold in America are spayed or neutered, and have their scent glands removed. Many have 2 tatoo dots on one of their ears, one signifying the de-scenting, and the other for the spaying or neutering.

Ferrets have a musky odor, and bathing them often will result in them actually making more scent to fix their dry skin!

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