So, You Want To Get A Ferret, Huh?

You’ve been eyeballing those cute little ferrets for a while now, and now you’ve got the bug, and just have to have one for yourself!

Well, I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but there is a pretty big learning curve involved, one that doesn’t include watching a ferret documentary on the Discovery Channel. Actually, that documentary will really give you a screwed up idea about ferrets!

Ferrets have been domesticated for thousands of years, and the ones we get as pets have, believe it or not, pretty much no outdoor survival skills whatsoever.
No, really! I’ve heard the stories too, but trust me, I’ve owned a few ferrets, and all those great survival skills have been bred out of them, just like all the great wolf skills have been bred out the the chijuajua.

So, this site is all about learning about the domesticated ferret, and how to care for one.

Tip #1 Think! Before You Get A Ferret
Tip #2 So, I couldn’t talk you out of a ferret, huh?
Tip #3 Ferret Foods
Tip #4 A Home Made Ferret Cage
Tip #5 Fun Ferret Facts
Tip #6 Medical Ferret Facts
Tip #7 Litter Training
Tip #8 Clipping Nails

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