So, I couldn’t talk you out of a ferret, huh?

So then, where are you going to get your ferret? Yes, you could go down to the local pet store, and pick one up, but seriously, why don’t your look around, and adopt an abandoned one? I purchased my first ferret from a pet store, the only one I got that way. The next was offered from a friend who realized she wasn’t giving her ferret the attention the ferret needed. The third ferret, I posted an ad on Craigslist, that I was looking for a ferret. The fourth, I ordered another friend to give me after I found out the ferret was stuck in a cage in the garage, neglected. Finally, although I haven’t gone that route myself, adopting a ferret from a shelter is still better than buying one at the store. It’ll probably cost you money, but hey, those folks take in ferrets and look out for them, and they deserve every penny they can get their hands on!

So you see, it’s actually better that you adopt a ferret than buy one, if your mind is set on owning a ferret. It would be better for the ferret, since you could put the money you ‘saved’ into things you’ll need for the ferret: cage, food, toys, etc. Otherwise, you’ll just have less money to spend on these things, and the ferret you adopt will be one less neglected ferret that winds up at a shelter.

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